Friday, September 9, 2011

Year Long Tree Study

One small project Holly will be enjoying this school year is a year long tree study. She has chosen one tree on our property in which she will observe and note the changes that happen in each season.


Today she chose a maple tree we planted in her playhouse area. She spent some time checking it out and then drawing it in her nature journal. She then picked a couple leaves and studied them up close with her magnifying glass, drew a leaf in her journal and then did a leaf rubbing. Holly also did a bark rubbing after taking a closer look. She cut out the leaf and bark rubbing and glued them into her nature journal to record all of her findings in one place. To finish up the project she did a water color painting of the tree.

Later in the fall she will then take another close look at the tree and note the condition the tree is in - comparing any changes and repeat all the activities she just completed.

She is looking forward to this nature project and all the changes that will happen with her tree!


  1. a bark rubbing is a great idea. I need to do that sometime.