Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Break

Just thought I'd post a note that we are still here... we have just been on vacation! Our family enjoyed a nice stay in Disneyland and a quick visit to the Redwood National Park. Life will resume to full swing next week with school - this week, we are just doing a little bit to get our groove going again!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

Each week I try to do a couple of cooking like projects with Holly on top of helping Daddy with the weekend pancakes or waffles... which she could probably do from heart! She loves to cook and I enjoy her company with it.

This morning we made home made Pumpkin Pie play dough. It is a very easy recipe, quick to do and the play dough holds up a really long time!

Tidbits of our Day

This week we have been enjoying a very light week of learning as we are heading out for a big trip in a day. Even though it has been light we are enjoying several fall books, Holly has been reading a lot, she is enjoying some fun fall art projects, we are working on math (her favorite she says), did some nature journal entries, studied some various fall corns (Strawberry corn and Indian Corn) and played some games too!

As well, Holly had a science class this week on Music in Nature in which they went on a nature walk to find various bit of music outside, made a musical instrument and more. She had a lot of fun! I am really happy with these little science classes so far, we are signed up with the end of the year and then we will be adding some more fun classes to her experiences too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week In Review

This week Holly has been busy with a lot of fun school projects. We ventured into a lot of art this week, welcomed the fall theme into our home and learning, took some walks, did a ton of reading and enjoyed some fun school games. Holly did a lot with math, letters and reading this week and I saw a large improvement in her skills to match that work.

As well, we have enjoyed some good time outside for play and nature observation. We have also been enjoying a several animals in our yard this week - a couple of different groups of deer, raccoon, squirrels and several birds (flickers, black capped chickadees, robins and hummingbirds). They are all busy feeding or preparing their home sites with collecting a lot of grass/seed materials. It has been very fun!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Leaf Man

Today we read the classic book Leaf Man by Louis Ehlert. Then we headed out through the yard to look for a variety of fall leaves and treasures. On the leaf hunt Holly came across a little Wooly Bear caterpillar, we enjoyed it for a bit and then returned him to it's home. Once we had a good collection of leaves Holly spent some time drying them off and inspecting them.
Holly then carefully created her very own Leaf Man... it took several tries with various leaves, placing and replacing. Soon she had her final man organized and glued him down. Her pictured ended up being a mom and daughter she said, how sweet!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall 'Stained Glass' Artwork

This morning Holly enjoyed a fun project, a fall stained glass style art project. She has been really desiring more art and I am making a much larger attempt to include more art in our week. Don't get me wrong, we do a LOT of art - however, she craves more. Which I am just fine with!

This project is done on clear contact paper. Holly cut up some small bits of fall colored tissue paper and picked an assortment of fake fall leaves - she then mixed them all up in a basket. She helped to get her contact paper onto the table top, peeling back the paper is pretty tricky (with a five year old helping). Then Holly spent about a half an hour working on her design and layering of leaves and papers. When she had it just perfect she then helped to add the top layer of contact paper and trimmed the edges.
It is beautifully displayed on our entry doors!

Monday, October 4, 2010

One Month

Both Holly and I are one month into homeschooling and we are having a great time! I am learning the ropes still in terms of planning and breaks, for us both. Learning is so exciting for Holly that she wants to continue... on and on - I have to stop and remind us both that this is Kindergarten, slow down and take breaks! I also have to make sure I am taking the needed break to keep a fresh perspective, which is normal for any job... right?

Although my mind is always thinking about school ideas - each week I spend one evening really working on the upcoming week, finalizing my planning, finding resources and ideas. Each evening I pull together the items Holly will be working with at home the next day. I read ahead in our curriculum to see what is upcoming, place books on hold at the library and gather supplies (at home and the store). Planning takes a lot of time, it is fun - but consuming.

The month has gone by quickly and very smooth! While we are all new to homeschooling we are finding that it fits our family beautifully. Each day is more exciting then the last, new journeys are on the horizon and our time has been fun... honestly, the most important aspect of it all!