Friday, September 23, 2011

Hands On Satellite Lesson

Yesterday Holly learned a bit about satellites. With the news of a satellite that is expected to fall to earth today we took that opportunity to enjoy a lesson with Holly as she was really interested in the satellite. Satellite Falling To Earth (link)

We got out our science book and read up on satellites, looked at photos of different kinds of satellites. Bryan talked to her about what satellites are used for and how they stay in space... a wonderful lesson happened during that conversation. It was great to be a part of!

To make it a bit fun, Bryan offered to let Holly create a 'satellite to crash to earth'. We got out all kinds of crafty supplies and left over goodies we save for such an occasion. Holly created for a long time designing a 'satellite'. After much design and reworking of her design they then headed outside to crash the satellite. Bryan got out a large ladder, Holly climbed up and tossed her satellite off... resulting in a very small breakage. Then Bryan  'crashed' the satellite into the ground trying to explain the impact it could have today when it happens in real life. Holly was sad as her satellite broke to pieces and then Bryan broke it up more to show how it will break up. She cried over this part but got over it soon. After working so hard on her satellite it was hard to see it broke to pieces... however, it was part of the lesson and she soon was over it.

It was a great lesson and fine example of enjoy some child led learning in the moment!


Science Book

More Science Book...

Almost finished!

Daddy talking about it with her.

Deep in conversation about satellites and how they orbit earth.

All done!

Getting ready to crash it.

Ready, set....


Just a little worse for wear.

Bryan REALLY crashing it to earth!

Broken up!

Upset with Daddy!

Bummer... she was over it soon though!


  1. Love it! Especially since we're exploring outer space right now at our place. :)

    Visiting and following from Science Sunday.

    ...danielle - raising little rhodies

  2. I love how you created the satellite. My kids would have reacted the same way when it got destroyed.