Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Landscape Art Lesson

Last week we had to miss our homeschool group's Art Club activity due to our soccer schedule. I showed Holly the lesson they did and she was very interested in doing it, so yesterday we enjoyed the lesson together. This was a simple little lesson on lines and perspective through creating a Fall Landscape.

Holly divided her paper into the land portions she likes and then designed three fall trees in the foreground and background... creating depth in her design. She loved how easy that skill was. After cleaning up her drawing she then outlined it in black marker and set to work with iridescent watercolor paints... which are beautiful paints to use! I love how Holly laid her hills in a patchwork design. He autumn sky is amazing and so vivid!

This was a simple, yet beautiful art lesson!
This is a small story board of the lesson we used.

Supplies for lesson.

Dividing paper and line work.

Outlining drawing in black marker.

She worked really hard on her trees, using various shades of browns, copper, gold and creams. I loved how she really took her time and worked slowly on this project.

Working on the hills.

Taking her time, not a rushed job.

FInished art work - beautiful!

Holly's Fall Landscape.

I did this project as well - mine is on top and Holly's is on the bottom.


  1. So beautiful! Is this part of an art curriculum? I would love to find something like this for my kids, thanks!

  2. Lot a good art techniques happening here. Thanks for sharing!