Friday, September 23, 2011

Nature Club ~ Letter Box Placement

At Nature Club this week the kids explored the Northwest Native Plant Garden at Point Defiance Park. They noted the different types of landscape such as the forest garden, the pond garden, the waterfall garden, the woodlands garden, the meadow, the alpine garden and the dry garden. After taking a small walk through and learning a bit about the plants they then decided where, as a group, they would like to place a Letterbox.

Once the group of kids decided they placed the letterbox and then worked from the beginning of entering the garden to the box creating clues. Clues need to lead someone new to the letterbox. Working as a small group was a good exercise for the kids. Once it was placed I was the lucky one to test their hunt... it worked as I found the letterbox!

While we were at the gardens Holly did do some nature journaling. She had decided to look for some pine cones for her nature collection. After collecting she used one of them to observe and include in her journal. As well, we found a bug on our walk and identified it as a stink bug using our guide on bugs. That was very exciting to Holly. So, she opted to also nature journal the bug on the bush.

Here is the Letterbox the kids placed!!!

This was once again a wonderful Nature Club meet up - we look forward to more soon!!

This is the little letterbox... tucked away. I found it though!


  1. What a great activity. We often look for letterboxes, but haven't placed one. Perhaps, we'll do that soon.

  2. looks like a wonderful place to explore.