Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Physical Geography Fun

Today we read in Holly's First Earth Encyclopedia on earth and physical geography, the core and how the earth changes. Plate tectonics were introduced. We looked at a map of the plates and discussed how they work. She learned about Convergent Plates, Divergent Plates and Transform Plates. After looking at the pictures and talking about them I brought out some paper towels so that Holly could create these different styles of plates moving. She really enjoyed this and the visual helped her to 'get' it.

As well, she learned about the earth and its various layers. With this we used one of her science rock kits to compare rocks mentioned in this lesson. She studied the rocks up close with a magnifying glass, rubbed them to see how hard they were and checked to see if they would leave any markings. As well, Holly completed a fun little puzzle we picked up on the earths core... it glows in the dark - the coolest part!

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  1. That's a great way to show the plates. I've also seen it done with graham crackers, but this would be less messy.