Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Milk Carton Weaving

We found another great project from Pink & Green Mama (whose sight I love) and just had to try it out! I added this one into our art lesson plan... giving me a week or two to gather a milk carton to use. It is a simple project, very doable, offers some great fine motor skills, work with yarn and is a great final product!

Take a milk carton, wash it out and dry it. Then cut it down. Glue the outer part with a paper of choice. I was prepared to offer Holly all kinds of pretty papers, but she wanted a simple red. So, to offset the plain paper choice she got to work with our rainbow yarn (a favorite supply by the way). After the paper dried I helped to cut slits all the way around the milk carton that were about 2 inches long. Holly then set to work weaving the box, wrapping around and around. When she was all done wrapped she ended it where she started, and using the two ends she tied a little hanging pompom for added 'fun' she said. I'll admit, that pom pom is pretty cute on it too!

She loved this project a lot and is hoping to do it again soon! For now she decided to load her most used paint brush supplies. Fun stuff!!!


  1. It turned out very beautifully!
    Well done!
    Need to show to my daughter, maybe she`d like to make one as well :)

  2. Thats such a great idea, i want to try it!
    Aqeela xx