Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lattin's Cider Mill & Farm

Yesterday we enjoyed a great field trip with our homeschool group to Lattin's Cider Mill & Farm. The children learned a bit about making cider and how it is different than 'apple juice', enjoyed an apple cider donut and then we headed out to enjoy several farm animals.

Each kiddo got a small bag of animal feed to share with all the critters. They enjoyed many different kinds of birds. The host even brought out some different eggs for the kids to compare and they brought out a little chick that had just hatched within the last hour or so. The kids loved it!!! All the kids enjoyed the goat walk where they could pulley up a small bucket of feed to the goats. There were pigs, sheep and cattle to take in too. They also got to pet a bunny. All things kids love to see and do. At the very end of our tour the kids all got to enjoy a farm animal train ride through the field... a fun treat!

We love this little farm, it is quaint and they do a nice job of making some hands on moments for the kids. And, their donuts are not half bad either! While we were there Holly picked out three different apples that today we are going to enjoy in our schooling. More to come...

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