Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Skeleton Leaves

We met with some friends from our Nature Club for a fun experiment of creating Skeleton Leaves. A wonderful friend guided us through the project perfectly!! I know there are different ways to accomplish this activity, however this set of directions is very similar to how we created them -- we did a final step however of soaking them in pure bleach for about 5 minutes to whiten them, rinsing in cold water when done and patting them dry. Directions: How To Make Skeleton Leaves. It was fun!!!

They turned out beautifully!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Water Color Painting with Bob Ross

Holly adores watching Bob Ross on our local PBS channel, she is mesmerized by him and his painting skills. I understand this because as a child... I was as well.

The other day after our studies she had some free afternoon time and turned on the TV to find Bob Ross 'just starting'. She quickly squealed with delight to please help her get set up as she wanted to paint with him! So, we moved a table over and broke out the supplies for painting. I was worried she might become frustrated in her ability to keep up with him but boy, was I wrong! She kept up beautifully and the results of her painting... amazing! Truly, I am very impressed with the final work, she created a stunning piece of art.

Winter barn scene!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Holly's music class for the time being is her participation on a local youth chorus. The youth chorus is made up of children from a bunch of local towns. About a week ago they held their first small performance to demonstrate how their sessions are held, a few songs to share and learn to sing in a larger space in preparation for an upcoming holiday concert! She is really enjoying this program and I am so happy we decided to try it out this year!!