Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekly Cooking ~ Chicken Tacos

Today Holly decided her weekly meal would be chicken tacos. We discussed the ingredients she would need, evaluated what we already had on hand and created a shopping list. Then we headed to the market to buy supplies (some day I'll bring my camera along to that too) and she helped with the entire transaction with the cashier.

Once home she unloaded the groceries and prepared. We did an easy version of this in which she shredded chicken from a roasted chicken, measured & mixed all of her ingredients and spices. Then she sauteed it all on the stove top... yes, the stove top. Under much guidance of course!!! She simmered it all down and sauteed the meat mixture - she also warmed the tortillas in a pan too! When all was said and done they were GREAT! This was a fun lesson for her with a meal she really enjoyed.

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