Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nature Club ~ Letter Box Nature Walk

Friday we attended our Nature Club activity - letter boxing. The kids all gathered to create a letter box journal to store any stamps they collect. After they were finished creating we broke into small groups and explored the area on a Letter Box hunt. Previous citizens have hid little boxes around the area with a scavenger hunt to direct us to find it. The clues actually started out to where the hunt begins in Point Defiance Park and from that location we hit the path on foot in search of the treasure.

When you find a letter box you will typically find a small box that has a small journal, a rubber stamp and an ink pad. You are to bring along a stamp, ink pad and journal as well. You then stamp the little journal found in the letter box with your stamp and then you use the stamp from the letter box to stamp your journal. Over time you collect a great assortment of stamps in your letter box journal from all of your nature walks.

On this particular walk Holly learned to be aware of certain clues by slowing down and observing the natural world around her. They were in search of a twisty maple tree and an alder that arched the pathway. Having small clues like this on our journey really helped them to focus a bit more versus wanting to just 'run ahead'. Funny thing is we missed the 'little trail to the right' on our first outing... and found it on the way back - then the kids instantly found the letter box tucked in a special tree.

The kids are creating their Letter Box Journals

Working hard using a stencil on her journal.

Being the amazingly patient boy that he is!!!

Finished journal - the front... but actually the back.

Finding their first clue - hydrant #27 to determine what trail to take.

Off we go!

Success!!! They found it in that hollowed out stump.

Holly's very first Letter Box stamp!!!
 A fun memory, fun journey and fun hobby!!! I think we will be doing more of this soon!


  1. Great day
    great activities!!

    I'm glad to know your blog!

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