Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fire Station Tour

We planned a visit with our home school group to a local fire station. The facility was large and they crew was wonderful! When we arrived the station had actually just received a call meaning the engine was heading we started with a small talk on fire safety from our host and then did a full station tour including the fire inspectors office, memorabilia, the kitchen, the day room, the crews dorm spaces and more. It was a wonderful tour and ended up being perfect timing for their engine to return.

They brought the engine in, did the siren for us as they arrived and pulled right in next to all the kids waiting - it was great! The LOVED this part! Then a fire fighter did a whole uniform change to show the kids what is required to enter a fire, from head to toe. It was nice that they talked about it as they went along and then explained to the children to never be afraid of a fire fighter in there gear, that it is still a person looking to help them.

Did you know their gears ways a bit over 75 pounds? Crazy!

Anyhow, after the demonstration and talk with fire fighters they opened the truck up with the kids...literally letting kids open all the compartments - Holly loved getting to help open them. They helped the children into the front and back of the truck and answered all kinds of questions.

This was a wonderful outing and I am so thrilled we had a great turn out. A couple of mom's were sweet and created a couple of poster the kids could write their thanks on and a few even baked goodies. While we had fun I'd say the fire crew also enjoyed some great treats!

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