Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School

Holly's first day of First Grade started on September 1st. She had a great day! I will be slowly integrating all of her curriculum over a couple week span however I talked with her about the year ahead, showed her the curriculum and we discussed some fun themes and projects she will be experiencing. Holly is very excited for the year ahead.

After a breakfast of waffles with sprinkles to celebrate the first day she started her new math curriculum, which starts with a lot of review. She is up for some more challenging work so I am sure to include hands on materials along side of it. For instance she did some place value work and review the hundred chart. She counted out sticks to one hundred, then bundled them into groups of ten and from there we did place value work. She really enjoyed that!
We also started with some Geography work by learning what geography is. We read the first section of her new Geography of the Earth book and discussed physical geography and how humans use and impact geography. She then colored a picture of earth. Holly also reviewed some basic compass skills and designed her own compass rose art project.

Some other materials she enjoyed were learning her new reading program for the year, writing about her summer and drawing a portrait of herself during summer (learning to ride her bike) and a fun meet up with friends at the park where we learned how to make sidewalk chalk paint. It was a fantastic day!

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