Monday, June 25, 2012

Loupe Learning

We broke out some tools to start learning about and with. I had learned of this great program several months back from a fellow homeschooler and we decided it would make a great addition to next year's science plan... and well, just our learning experience over all. Loupes along with a book called The Private Eye, here is their site: The Private Eye

I am in the process of reading the book to better prepare myself for a rich program with the loupes. So, we have not taken a serious approach to them yet. Instead I am letting my children become familiar with them and practice proper holding, use, focus and care of their loupes. We have used them on several occasions now and have had many discussions on the care and use of them. Towards the end of summer we will try an activity from the book in a lesson fashion. For now, it's all fun!

Holly decided to get out her rock and fossil collection the other day -- a great chance to also break out the loupes. Using the loupes kind of changed the normal experience to more in depth discussion on what things looked like. She slowed down and took a moment to look at the details. She found similarities in different materials, she showed differences to me that from the naked eye -- looked the same. As well, we learned not to scrape the lens on the rocks, Hudson mastered which way to use the loupe and they both had a really good time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rock Hound Discovery Kit

Bryan and Holly picked up this neat little Rock Hound Discovery Kit from a place called Rock Solid Learning website. This was a fun bag of sandy dirt filled with a large variety of rocks and fossil bits. She loved it!!!

We placed the contents into a bin and she then sifted through and found items - using a magnifying glass, loupe, brushes and a card to identify her findings this kept her entertained for some time. Rocks and fossils are right up her alley so Holly adored this project kit! We also got a bag of rocks to add to her tumbler mix in which she cannot wait to get started!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Titlow Beach

We enjoyed a wonderful day on the beach with several friends from our homeschool group. The tides were very low this day, lowest of the year making for some wonderful beach combing. This beach is a very rocky beach with old pilings and debris - which actually makes for great places for sea creatures to hide. We brought along a laminate field guide and some clear containers to place creatures in and share a bit before returning safely to their home.  This was a fabulous outing in which we learned so much!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Holly enjoyed a bit of fishing with Dad this week! We visited two different lakes for her to drop her line in. She is interested in learning more on fishing and Bryan is ready to take this on as he would love to see her enjoy this hobby... I would love to see her enjoy this hobby!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Niqually Delta

About a week ago I took the kids down to Nisqually Delta park, just them and myself... it was really nice! Typically we do many of these outings with a larger group and I have to say that I loved enjoying this day with just my two kiddos. They were on their very best behavior, very engaged, cooperative, inquisitive and joyful!

The park was rather quiet as the weather was not the most promising. We lucked out and enjoed the few hours in between rains squalls, in fact the sun came to visit us. With the park being quiet it offered ample opportunity to find animals we don't normally find such as racoon, mice, rabbits, snakes, frogs and turtles. The forest was filled with song from more birds than we could count... it was amazing!

We took many opportunities to just sit, watch and listen versus rushing along the boardwalk... we slowed down! Slowing down truly ensured we found all of these amazing sightings, watch bird behaviours, listened to bird songs and located the matching birds, watched raccoons forage and rabbits nibble. It was amaizing! All of this really inspired Holly to nature journal - and both Hudson and I joined in.

It was a beautiful day!!