Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pioneer Study & Fort Nisqually

We are officially started on our Pioneer Study. The book we are reading through is called A Pioneer Sampler by Barbara Greenwood. This book follows a fictional family through the daily life of a family in 1840. We have several fun projects planned for this unit... some I am really looking forward to!

To kind of kick it off we decided to visit Fort Nisqually (during the Smithsonian's Museum Day - free tickets), a replica of a fort during the pioneer era, ran by the Hudson Bay Company. The fort we visited is not actually located in the same area as the original however it was a great treat for Holly to see some artifacts, learn about some ways of life and get a feel for the era we are about to embark on.

She really had little idea of what to expect. We have not discussed this era too much so it was an eye opener for her to see their homes, how little they owned, the way they had to travel to buy goods, trap/hunt their food, etc. She enjoyed learning about it and is looking forward to learning a lot more. This is a link to Fort Nisqually.


  1. Wow, were you guys the only ones there? Looks like you had the place to yourself! I keep meaning to take Anna but haven't made it there yet. Looks neat!

  2. Awesome! We really enjoyed our very quick trip through there. We stopped in on an impromptu visit while driving the loop after going to the zoo. I had been there in the past, but it was the first time for Hubby and the kids and they thought it was really neat. Did they have the "toys" out to play with? They did when we were there, but it was close to closing so they didn't get a chance to play with them because they were putting them away for the night, they only got to see and discuss them for a moment. We also had a really nice guide who let us pick a couple things fresh in the garden and taste.