Thursday, October 13, 2011

Workbook FREE Day

Holly is moving along rather nicely in her workbook curricula we are using this year. She is doing fantastic in her spelling, in fact she finished her week with a 100% on the final review. Many new rules for reading and phonics are being introduced to her this year and we are chugging along with this... I am adding more to it though to take more than a day discussing the rules. Math is in a review cycle and I am debating jumping forward a bit - for now though she is enjoying the books and other work we do - I have added in story problems a few times a week now and extensive place value learning.

Making sure to keep things interesting and not a day in & day out workbook learning method I mix it up, a lot! If we cover 8 subjects in a day at the most half of those lessons will involve a work book. The other half I really want to make as hands on as possible including a bit of computer time, a lot of art, several books, artifacts when possible, actual experiences, field trips, outdoor time and games. To add to this though I plan 'workbook FREE days' and she loves these! This is when we do little games to experience our lessons and a lot of reading.

I thought I'd share in today's workbook free day. I took some photos of the 'work' she is doing today but along with this we have completed a puzzle on the United States, made play dough salmon, reviewed the salmon life cycle with materials we have, read a book on salmon, she finished up a poem she wrote,taught Hudson how to do a farm puzzle and observed a bird for her nature journal today. And, she has a fun art project planned for later. Here are some other items...

This is the poem she finished.(I'll share more on this later)

Halloween Greater Than & Less Than

Mathematics File Folder Game

Compound Word House Hunt... still working on this.

Read City Mouse, Country Mouse - did a Venn diagram.

Read, Build & Write mats for spelling list and fall words.

Books for today's reading - we'll be doing a leaf hunt as well.

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