Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Week In Books

I always enjoy when I visit other blogs and they share about the books they are reading... I have found so many wonderful books that way! Book are HUGE in our family, one area we really don't hold back on - meaning we'll buy a good book we really want to read. We buy books for our kids, we check out books weekly from the library - we are book people. So, it only feels natural to share the books we are enjoying this week. I think I might do this a bit more often - if you have good recommendations for me, please share them!

Here is our week in books! These are books Holly has read to us and we have read to hear - most of the time both. They are pretty much all Halloween or seasonally themed. Some we have done artwork with or a story map and some we will still be doing that over the next few weeks to enjoy a bit more of the fall season. You will find a few of these are simply non-sense silly character books... ones Holly has enjoyed reading. But some, are beautifully done - Chipmunk Song or Every Autumn Comes The Bear or Pumpkin Soup are all wonderful books. How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin or  Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie are great educational books. Then we have some fun movement and sound books, a poetry book and some silly stuff too! A well rounded mix to read, inspire, discuss, laugh with, think on and more! Our week in books:


  1. I looks like we read the same books this week.

  2. There are two new ones to me in that stack - thanks for the resource ideas. I would love for you to come link up at

  3. What a wonderful selection of books. I so enjoy reading picture books with my kids. I dread the day we move beyond them as my firstborn in already into chapter books. We do enjoy our picture books for Five in a Row homeschool each day. Thanks for sharing.