Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spelling & Art

I am working on some new ideas for Holly to enjoy her weekly spelling work. Breaking out a workbook each week is not at all interesting or honestly effective enough for Holly. She needs something a bit more creative infused to her lesson, creative ways to practice her work and have some fun with learning. For this weeks word list I have a couple of items we are going to try... a couple word games I have put together and a couple of artistic ideas.

This was her first Spelling & Art combined lesson. After visiting the pumpkin patch we looked at the photos and discussed how the land looked. Greenery, dirt, leaves, grass, weeds.... it was not a classic 'all brown dirt patch' or the 'perfect green patch' - it was a mix, natural. With that knowledge Holly set out with pastel to draw the pumpkin patch from today... trying to keep it natural. Then she added pumpkins to her patch that had all of her spelling words written on them. She had a chance to review her words, write them out in a fun manner and then will use this to read or study with later in the week.

Combining spelling and art was fun for her and I am looking forward to visiting some more ideas I have for projects down the road.


  1. definitely a great way to make spelling fun! It can get boring to practice he words week after week. Nice way to change it up!

    Would love to have you link up to the Sunday Showcase - my child centered inky party - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/search/label/Sunday%20Showcase


  2. Thank you for sharing this link with Show and Tell this week! I think I am going to do this with my second grader this week for some extra spelling practice!

  3. I realize that this post is over a year old, but perhaps you haven't yet found out about crossword and word search generators. There's a bunch of free ones online. You put in the words you want them to use, customize the grid size and the software will generate a puzzle you can download and print. There's also some software that you can buy that has even more bells and whistles than the free versions do. My kids loved to do word search puzzles and the crossword puzzles also works on vocabulary as well as spelling. Plus, these type of puzzles work for the littles up to high school and the special vocabulary - like math, science, etc. that the old kids need to learn.

    There are also flash card generators. Put the definition or a picture on one side and the correctly spelled word on the other side. You can do 3x5 cards and keep them in the little 3x5 file boxes or notebooks; or do them online. Some of the online ones will let you print 3x5 cards on your printer. (and there are templates you can download to save so that you don't have to keep redoing the setting on your printer!)