Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Poetry

Holly has been doing a great job on her poetry work. We have started a notebook like she did mid-year last year and she is now beginning to do more with that. Each day we do at least one poem and discuss it, sometimes we listen to one online or from a book with illustrations. Often I have her lay with eyes closed and listen and then draw what how she hears the poem. She has written about poems and done some copy work on poems. We have discussed basic parts of a poem and and look at various styles.

Now it was time to write her first poem of the year. Her theme was something related to Halloween. She chose ghosts as her theme. She worked through brainstorming several key words she associates with ghosts. She described where she might find ghosts and how the setting might look. Then she did a run through or first version and to be honest... it was great from the start! She did hardly any editing or major changes. We sat down to look it over and she discussed with me where she would break up the poetry and why she chose those portions. Then it was time for a final copy with illustrations. It turned out lovely!

Her final poem reads (first grade writing, no spelling modifications - her art) :

Gosts Town

the gosts are awake
in the gost town
they sing
ooo ooooo oooo
they say
Boo! Boo! Boo!

By Holly P.

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