Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tot - School

I wanted to share a bit on what I guess we'll call 'Tot-School' with Hudson. I'd love to document more on this however it is difficult to work with him one on one and have a camera going. Our time together has been going great! Hudson is just as interested in the learning time as Holly is and that thrills me. The hard part is carving in good solid time with both... something I am sure will come easier as we move along.

Yesterday I remembered to grab my camera for a bit of our time together. We started with a couple of books on pumpkins, finger play songs and music in the living room, pseudo circle time if you will. Then we moved to the table for some puzzle play, sensory box play and sorting, stringing of large colored pasta on pipe cleaners and then we finished up our time with Hudson's first ever 'art project'.

First we brought in his pumpkin from the pumpkin patch the day before and looked at it, touched it, talked about it, talked about our visit, talked about circles (which he knows and can draw - crazy) and the colors orange and brown. Then he made a simple pumpkin. I pre-cut orange squares, got a white paper plate (reviewed it was a circle) for a surface and showed him how to use a glue stick. I did one or two before he wanted to do it himself. He glued the orange squares onto the plate - creating a pumpkin. He LOVED this... really, really loved it! He was very happy about his work and asked for 'five' when done.... aka - a high five.

He had a lot of fun and so did I!


  1. Awesome job Hudson!!! Love your pumpkin!

    The pictures are the hard part...I always have cameras on me, either our point and shoot, my cell phone or my ipod and yet I get soo involved I forget to take pictures! Us mommies just need some paparazzi to follow our kids around for us! And just think on digital we probably get way more pictures than anyone in the past ever did!

  2. Great activities, Liberty! Thanks for sharing. I just gave you the Versatile Blogger award! Stop by for more info: