Friday, October 7, 2011

Nature Display

We spend a lot of time outdoors, ideally some time each day. We meet up with friends to play at parks a lot. We spend time taking family walks. We do some small hikes while camping. We camp. We are part of an active Nature Club. My point is.... we are outside a lot. Which means we collect many treasures from the natural world!!!

With those treasures my daughter has collections happening all over the house. She has treasure boxes, collection bags, a back pack, tubs in the garage and bits lined up on the back of her bed.

To find a purpose for her collections we have created a Nature Display. I'd like to say table and maybe someday it will be, but for now it is a display. We have had one off and on throughout our homeschooling journey. Over time I have had to take it down so that my counter feels less cluttered, giving mommy a small mental break from clutter. It was time to set our Nature Display back up.

For our display I have collected some wooden trays, bowls and a great cubed wooden display piece from garage sales. My mind is always thinking about learning when I find a good garage sale - these were great finds in my mind! The little containers make wonderful places for small collections - such as acorns. Or, a great display place for a special item you want to feature. We always keep a magnifying glass handy in our Nature Display and I try to leave some room for new additions or trade-outs. It is ever changing and sometimes seasonal.

Fall is the best time of year to start a Nature Display I feel. So many seeds to find, pine cones litter the ground, nuts are easy to gather, dried grass seeds are plenty and the colors are beautiful to preserve! If you don't already have a Nature Table or Nature Display... I highly recommend one. It is one of Holly's favorite places in our home!


  1. I love your nature display. Very simple and fun.

  2. Great story, thank you for sharing how you set up your nature display.

    Counting Coconuts often does a montessori inspired nature table, and nature activity trays that I love too.

    We love to take nature walks as a family, gather items and make temporary nature displays, and then take them down after a week or two. But I would love to create a permanent "nature" space in our home.

    I would also love to make a science exploration trunk or dresser with small drawers, and include many of our finds for further study. I have seen these on the net and they are very pricey. But I think families could make their own for very little or no expense, and incorporate even more hands on learning. Someday soon... I hope.