Saturday, October 15, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo

This was our first year attending the homeschool days with Woodland Park Zoo... but will now be a part of our year for years to come. We had a great time! We arrived just before opening and stayed until moments before closing time - a full day of learning, exploring, journaling and enjoyment!

Holly began in the education building where they had several hands on stations to learn about life cycles of some various animals, learned about camouflage with birds and their eggs and more. After the stations we sat in on a talk on reptiles. The zoo keeper did a great job breaking down the types of reptiles, why they are reptiles and facts about them. Then she shared a couple of critters - a boa and a skink. At the end of the talk the kids all got to touch the skink. A hit for sure!

The rest of the day we spent with friends exploring various areas, enjoying some hands on carts with more animals encounters, did an observation on penguins, a packet on bugs and a visit to the nature exchange. Of course she enjoyed some play throughout the zoo as well! The whole day was wonderful and I look forward to a future visit during their homeschool days - next year we will visit the zoo in a different order to hit the parts we missed.

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