Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

This week Holly read Town Mouse, Country Mouse to me. This is the first time she 'remembers' this story even though we have read this a few times through the years. She did a great job reading aloud, good voice and little help with words. I adore how her reading skills have just blossomed!

After reading the book she narrated it back to me and then she did a Venn diagram on the two mice. I didn't help her with it, didn't offer any suggestions other than use your book to refresh your mind as you think through the diagram. She did a beautiful job... she even attempted some cursive handwriting.

We also listened to a version of the story through Here is a link: Town Mouse, Country Mouse

When she was finished she colored some bookmarks that I laminated for her. She was in need of some new book marks and thought this might make for a useful craft connection this time around. Now that we did bookmarks... we might do this a bit more often! I found the printables for the book marks through Jan Brett's site: Jan Brett - Town Mouse, Country Mouse Activities There is a lot more you can do or use through this link.


  1. I love your comparing characters with a chart!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.