Monday, October 24, 2011

Fish Hatchery

We joined out Nature Club for a tour of a local fish hatchery on Friday. This particular fish hatchery is a trout hatchery, although they do assist another local hatchery with salmon eggs because the have great local, spring fed water. An interesting and wonderful relationship between the two facilities.

The tour began with the learning a Native American lore or two about salmon. They saw some Native American art on salmon as well. This was great because we have briefly touched this at home this month, to hear more was a wonderful addition for Holly. Once finished with the stories the kids met their tour guide for the hatchery.

He talked to them about salmon and trout, discussing differences between the two - then took them inside the hatchery. Here he went over the whole process of hatching eggs, holding and feeding and then how they release them. Answered questions kids and adults had as well. After this we headed out to the holding tanks and he let the kids dip their hands in to touch trout and then the fun part... feed trout! They were able to feed little trout and then really large trout. They really enjoyed this part, a lot!

Once the kids were finished up with feeding our guide then walked with us out to the stream to see how the salmon run was going. It was great to compare two weeks after out last visit and see such amazing changes. First Holly noticed there were no salmon running at this location any longer (while we were there). She also talked with me about how much the salmon had decayed in the stream since our last visit - and boy oh boy, are they decayed! Such an amazing journey a salmon's life is. Later that day we reviewed once more the salmon life cycle and read one more book. This has been such a great year to learn and witness so much of the ending portion of a salmon's life.

Listening to stories.

What little brothers do while waiting!

Discussing the differences between trout and salmon.

Inside the hatchery.

Tanks that hold trout eggs.

Holly, age 6.

Feeding the small trout.


She invited Hudson over to show him how to feed. It was so sweet!

Bring a great big sister!

Small trout.

Sibling puddle fun!

Heading out to the creek.

Salmon is washed up in that tree, rotting.

It is so pretty back here - all the fall colors are moving in.

Checking out some dead salmon.


  1. You've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come check it out.

  2. I want to go to a fish hatchery someday

  3. Looks like a wonderful day. Have you read Salmon Forest By David T. Suzuki and Sarah Ellis
    it's a great follow up