Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spider Resist Art Project

Yesterday Holly & I did a Spider Resist art project that was a lot of fun and quiet colorful, inspired from Pinterest... but I cannot find the link now. First we visited to listen to the poem The Spider & The Fly by Mary Howitt. Story Nory is a fantastic sight to enjoy some wonderful story telling. The story tellers they use do such a beautiful job. We have put onto Holly's Ipod so she enjoys listening to it quiet a bit. A great learning tool for free!

Anyhow, after we listened once I set Holly up with our project and then we listened to it again while doing the art project. It was great to see Holly concentrating on both tasks at hand... drawing, but listening, drawing again and then listening. It was a lot of fun!

To create this project you start by drawing a colorful spider on water color paper in pastels, I encouraged Holly to attempt a fun, patterned spider. Then take a white pastel and do straight lines coming out from the spider to the edges of the paper, and connect the web by doing lightly dipped lines between each straight line - to create a spider web. The white can be difficult to see while creating the pattern, I had to show Holly how to angle her paper to get a good idea of where the lines were.

Once your spider and web are designed it is not time for water color paint. For our project we chose three dark, but slightly colorful colors: black, blue and purple. Paint your whole paper surface mixing these colors all up. Do not over paint the surface though or your resist will not show up as well. When you are done, using a small napkin light blot your spider so that the watercolor drops will come off - offering a great color contrast in the resist.

These were fun to create and a bit different than your typical black spider... a bit of whimsy & fun!

Starting her spider.

Pausing to listen to The Spider & The Fly poem.

Story Nory

Adding the web.

Adding the web.

The final project before adding water colors.

Mom's final project before adding water colors.

A nice dark back ground... with a wee bit of color!

Blotting the spider.

Holly's Spider Resist.

Mom's Spider Resist.


  1. this is so cute! We are doing spiders now and I wanted to do a resist web. Hope ours turn out as good!

    Would love for you to link up to the Sunday Showcase - my child centered linky party (it's open thru Thursday night)


  2. Love the spider - and I think it's great that you're joining in too! Thanks for linking it up to Mini-Masterpieces on Artful Adventures!