Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salmon Art

Last week Holly did a really fun salmon art project. This was a simple and effective art project that offered a wonderful lesson on texture. It is creative and goes beautifully with any salmon lessons a child might be enjoying!

She cut out a salmon from an old file folder, offering a more durable card stock. Then she took an old mesh bag from apples we had purchased and cut out some pieces to glue down to the salmon - making sure not to get the head or fins, just the main body. Then she took aluminum foil, shiny side out and covered the entire salmon. There were some little spots around fins and the moth where she cut into the foil to remove a bit for easier folding & tucking. After she was happy with it she glued down the folds well. Rub the front of the salmon really well to see some subtle texture. Now the fun part to see good texture - using Sharpie markers she colored the whole salmon.... as a salmon's gentle colors look.  First she looked at a real photo of salmon online to get a good idea, once she had that she added the fine details like dark spots and the line down a salmon's side as well as the details on fins. It is beautiful when finished. Once done she glued it to blue paper to keep the backing safe from rubbing it apart. I had hoped she would paint a large stream scene to glue it on... but she wasn't interested in that.

This was a great lesson on looking at salmon in detail and replicating it in art! Simple and fun!


  1. I LOVE this!! I might just have to copy this for my homeschool art class that I teach! You can read about the book we are making here...