Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This week we started a unit on butterflies and with that we also did a nice lesson on symmetry, a good review. This lesson works great with butterflies since they are fantastic examples of natural symmetry.

Holly enjoyed the classic art project of folding a piece of paper in half and painting one side, refold and smoosh the paint well then open to see a symmetrical design. She did this with plain paper and a butterfly cut out. She was bummed on her butterfly design the paper flapped over and the paint mixed in the wrong area... she quickly enjoyed her design and accepted the mistake on her project. All part of learning!

As well, we watched a small YouTube video on natural symmetry in our world and then she went in a scavenger hunt in the house for objects that display symmetry. She finished up with a worksheet on line symmetry and she cut our her own symmetrical design.

The YouTube video we used was this one:

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