Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Joy of Homeschooling...

Often times with homeschooling it is easy to slip into the daily grind of work at home, however I try really hard to keep it fresh and fun if I can. Does that always happen? No. Do I at least try? Yes.

For instance when the weather permits we will take our work outdoors to enjoy or change it up to include a natural element if at all possible...spelling with sidewalk chalk, painting outside, reading on a blanket, exploring with a collection box & magnifying glass, etc. One more fun element is going somewhere new to do the daily 'school work'.

Yesterday we were meeting up with other homeschooling friends for an activity at the park, rock painting and beach combing. To change school up we decided to leave extra early and do school at the park versus sitting at home to finish up. So, we took in a beautiful view and sunshine while school was completed then Holly hit the big toy and beach for some fun... all before our friends arrived! A complete joy of homeschooling, one we must do more often!

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