Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini-Ant Lapbook

Holly put together a mini-lap book during her ant studies. We have made larger lap books, however this study really only required a small version. Still a very fun way to gather information we covered to review what she knows.

Her cover is a homemade ant she created. I didn't have the cover closed very well, so it looks a little funny in the photo - the legs do line up. The legs are all attached to the thorax, which is what she tried doing here. It looks cute when it is closed.

Then the inside of her lap book contains a little mini-book on predators of ants, ant body parts, facts about ants like that they have two stomachs, an ant has an exoskeleton, six legs, etc...

She also included a great diagram on an ant, externally and internally - she really enjoyed using this sheet to learn about ants.

The back cover she decided to include the ant life cycle and a little matchbook on various kind of ants. The matchbook ant book took six different kinds of ants and she had to write a fact about them, their diet and habitat. It was fun to really stop and review the knowledge we learned on ants and she loves to create little lap books - such a fun way to learn!

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