Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caterpillars & Butterflies

We are still going strong on learning all about butterflies... in fact, we now have these little guys:

Each day they are eating and growing larger and larger - it won't be too long before they are a chrysalis... exciting!!! Holly has really enjoyed watching, inspecting, learning and predicting.

We also have a large collection of books on butterflies we read all the time, do our coloring field guide, enjoy puzzles and craft projects - the days are full of butterflies! We have spent the nicer days out in search of butterflies in the garden with some luck, not too bad for this early in the year. And, we have enjoyed some online resources too. A favorite has been this site:

I am trying to decide if we want to do a praying mantis hatch before we wrap up our very hands on insect unit that included ants, lady bugs, butterflies and so much more... a ton of outdoor inspection with a field guide, magnifying glass and nature journal. So many choices!

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