Friday, June 3, 2011

Squared Up

Holly got another game for her birthday that has been great fun to play with, Squared Up. We had originally come upon this game at the Seattle Pacific Science Center one visit, she and I played it for a long time. Then we stumbled upon it again at a specialty toy store in which she expressed she'd like to own this game. So, for her birthday I ordered up a copy - it is a fun game!

The goal of this game is to shake the little cube tray and create a pattern (each player has their own). Then you are to recreate that patter as fast as you can by sliding the pieces around... which can be really tough! You are actually using the center nine cubes as your patter, which you see when you shut the little screen to share your finished game. This game is wonderfully challenging, colorful, fun, fast moving and keeps her interest... all while building some logic skills. I highly recommend it!

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