Monday, June 20, 2011

Sea Star Art Project

Today Holly did a fantastic job on a sea star art project. Such a simple project, but really enforces taking a closer look at a favorite sea creature with a fine eye. Today we picked out some favorite pictures of sea stars and also inspected a dried sea star that we own. In our discoveries texture was the key element -- sea stars have beautiful textures.

After much observation, we discussed how the appearance of texture on a sea star might be recreated in art. The final product was a hand cut sea star covered in orange and white paint... with fine detail work that included a pencil and toothpick. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun and the results were fantastic!

Take a cut out of a sea star and colored paint of choice - in this project we used brown paper, orange paint and white paint. With the end of a pencil, the eraser end, you will dip it in the colored paint and make several, several... did I mention several paint dots all over the sea star. The paint being a tad gloppy is good as it will create even more visual texture. Then you will dip a tooth pick into white paint and create even more white dots all over the sea star. The layers of these two paints will give a textured look similar to a sea star.

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