Friday, June 3, 2011

Nature Center with Homeschool Group

We have been enjoying many outings and get togethers with a new homeschool group in the area. It has been a lot of fun for Holly to enjoy some new friendships with children who are enjoying school in the same manner she is and it has been nice for me to meet some other parents who are also on the homeschooling journey. I am learning a lot, making some new friendships and looking forward to upcoming times with them all.

This past week we recently met up with some folks at the Tacoma Nature Center at Snake Lake. The kids all enjoyed some free play in Discovery Pond and then we hit the trail around Snake Lake. The kids all stopped along the way in search of small critters, fallen logs and new flowers. I learned our everyday stroller is not a good option for this trail... oh well, we made it!

After our walk we visited over lunch and then headed into the actual center for some fun. One of the moms knew that they feed the snake indoors every Friday... the day was Friday. Yay! She talked with the gal and they agreed to feed the snake as well as they brought the snake out for a small lesson, bringing it out close to the children - great observation! After the lesson our little snake friend chowed down on a mouse. What a great impromptu lesson!

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