Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Venn Diagram: Butterflies & Moths

We have moved onto butterflies in our insect studies, which is a lot of fun for Holly! We have studied butterflies numerous times so coming up with some new books and projects is proving to be a bit more challenging. One project I chose was to create a Venn diagram comparing butterflies and moths - she loved this!!!

I actually found the perfect book to complete this project with. It is called What's the Difference Between a Butterfly and a Moth? by Robin Koontz. This book has beautiful illustrations and is written on a nice, basic level. It offered Holly the perfect opportunity to read it, think on it and then pull out the similarities and differences between the two winged beauties.


  1. Holly did a great job! What a great book to use for learning science and language arts together. I am doing an animal unit and will try to remember to link up to you later this summer when I get to invertebrates. Thanks for sharing.
    Marcia :)

  2. Wow, she did a great job with her Venn diagram! I'm looking forward to when my kids can write that neatly and complete things like this.

    Thanks for linking up!