Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Theme

I have done some thinking on how we are going to handle our summer season with schooling. I lean towards year round learning... not schooling, but learning. This can prove difficult with being busy enjoying summer! So, I have talked with Holly and we chose a theme for our summer months, one that we can center some learning around and yet enjoy over the summer months.

Our summer theme is Ocean & Sea Life. With this theme we will enjoy many books, movies, art projects, writing, science experiments, math and outings to local beaches! We are excited to take this approach to our summer and still keep learning as a main focus. I think it will be a great summer!!

Yesterday we met up with our homeschooling friends for a kick-off day to our summer theme with a beach exploration at low tide. We met up at Titlow Beach in Tacoma. This is a fantastic local beach for exploring. Holly had a great time discovering various sea creatures throughout the changing tide, rocks, pilings and tide pools. We brought along some various containers for capturing critters for closer inspection, a magnifying glass and a great chart for determining various creatures on the beach. It was a fantastic day!

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  1. What an awesome field trip and what amazing finds you had.