Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Living Lesson

We have been planning to adopt a new kitten into our family, we are a cat family. However we also have a goal to enroll Holly into the 4-H program that focuses on cats when she is seven years old in preparation for learning about caring for and showing her cat when she turns eight years old. Training a cat to be comfortable with crating, traveling and people as well as mature enough to handle it is our goal before we enroll her in 4-H. We are a family who plans - so.....

Meet Lilly!

Lilly is the newest addition to our family and part of Holly's newest learning lesson - a living lesson if you will. Holly is beginning to learn about care for this personal cat. While she has always assisted in the care of our two oldest cats she is taking responsibility for this one - feeding, watering, litter box, play, proper care, etc. We have some great books on cats that we are reading through as a good reminder on behaviours of a kitten.

Today we take Lilly to the veterinarian for her first post-adoption check up. This will be a lesson for Holly as well - she has been but was too young to remember. Now she will get a chance to learn what happens at a vet check and those following.

We are excited for this new journey in our lives. Lilly is a very sweet little girl who is playful, snuggly, easy going and so far a wonderful fit for our family.


  1. That reminds me I need to schedule an appointment for my dog........

    Having a pet is such a great lesson. Thanks for linking up!