Monday, June 13, 2011

Nature Medallion

This past weekend we spent some time visiting Grandpa out on Anderson Island, a wonderful natural place. I had a small project in mind so I packed our roll of clear contact paper... keeping Holly's interest. She and I did a small nature hunt for several different kinds of leaves of varying sizes, styles, shapes and colors as well as some small wildflowers and grass seeds. Then we laid our collection out and created!!!

I rolled out a nice sized canvas of clear contact paper for us to work with. Our goal was to create a design similar to a medallion - keeping a pattern the best we could using all items from nature. She practiced laying out her pattern and then tried transferring it over to her contact paper. This project required we headed back out for more materials, part of the fun. Believe it or not once we got going, it required some counting and basic math skills to determine how many more items we needed to collect to create our designs.

This was a fantastic art project, hands on that included nature and math. We'll be doing this one again!


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  2. They came out so lovely! We tried one but the kids were more random with it. Thank you for stopping by the Smart Summer Challenge!

  3. Beautiful!! My girls will be making these too!! Thanks for linking up and sharing such fun and beautiful ideas : )

    pink and green mama

  4. What a beautiful project! I love this! Stopping over from the Smart Summer Challenge linky and now following via GFC. I'd love it if you'd stop by my site sometime (!

  5. I obsessed with mandalas and actually taught 5th graders to make one with rice. I love the one you made with the leaves! I have got to try this. Gorgeous!