Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working With Chalk

This week we did a couple of lessons with chalk in art. She reviewed blending, lines, symmetry, warm colors and cool colors. Working with chalk for children can be tricky, it can be messy and it can be frustrating to use... the best way to learn how to use it - keep using it, a lot. When you are finished with a chalk drawing spray it with a can of aerosol hairspray very lightly and the chalk will no longer smear about.

These are her two favorite pictures in which her subject was butterflies. The large butterfly she tried really hard to create a butterfly with good symmetry, in which I think she did a fantastic job from the initial line drawing to the design within. Her second drawing was on black paper to see the contrast of colors in a butterfly garden with a bird bath and butterflies. They are both beautiful drawings we are proudly displaying on the wall right now.

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