Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This year Holly is doing a year long look at countries throughout the world with Expedition Earth as our guide. We will augment with projects, books and materials as I see fit.

She just completed the first country on this world tour, China. We enjoyed a couple of weeks with China as materials available are amazing and plentiful. Fortunately we had some friends and family share some little artifacts and ephemera from China as well. Holly and I enjoyed the series on Netflix called Wild China, she read many books on China as well as story books from various China tales and folk lore. This along with some wonderful little crafts, projects, map work, a look at animals in China and amazing food -- made for a fantastic unit!

Holly's favorite part of this unit was the food... she adores Chinese food (Americanized of course). We had originally planned to find a nice restaurant to visit but she eventually asked if we could make her favorite meal at home together so that she would know how to again. Great idea!

She made chicken egg rolls, orange chicken (what she was really after) and rice. We also had bbq pork from the store. She made ALL of the food with my guiding her and adding food to any hot grease or ovens. The meal turned out perfect and was delicious!!! We will be making it again sometime soon I am sure.

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