Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nature Club ~ Seeds

Our Nature Club met up a few days back and enjoyed a fun day of learning about seeds and how they transport and seed. The kids learned about several different ways the seeds can be moved about from a presentation done by a fellow student (third grade)... he did a fantastic job!! After his presentation the kids all suited up with big fuzzy socks on the outsides of their shoes and took off for some wonderful field play and exploration.

Exploring the field was amazing! We rarely get a chance to explore an open field that has not been manicured, is mowed down or off limits - so this was a real treat! The trees in the field were wonderful for climbing as well. We found some berry patches on the outskirts of the fields along with many trails carved through. Best of all... we found SEEDS!!! Many, many seeds came back on the fuzzy socks.

After all the kids had returned we invited the kids to break out their magnifying glasses and loupes to do some observations on the socks and journal their findings. Some unique seeds were discovered along with many little burs. To finish up the kids planted their seed covered socks in pots and will now observe them to see what might grow. This was a great activity that offered a longer observation process to follow, perfect for patience with nature.

It was a very fun day!!

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