Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

We enjoyed our annual field trip to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle during their homeschool days program. The theme this year was 'mammals' throughout the day. They sponsored many different hosts throughout the zoo sharing carts to learn from, an early day room of various mammal activities with many skulls and pelts to touch, a couple of presentations on mammals, a little toddler puppet presentation, an animal observation activity and more!

We spent the entire day up at the zoo and still did not cover the whole thing. Through the years we have visited this zoo and have never once seen ever exhibit. I am okay with this though, as I rather they take their time and learn a little along the way through the reading and guides on site. Yesterday for instance we spent about an hour in the rain forest exhibit with a personal guide walking through with us and talking with Holly about all the animals as well as his own experience visiting the Amazon for a few months, his journeys, what he saw and experienced, how she might enjoy it and asked her questions along the way to keep her engaged completely -- she LOVED it!! (Later you'll see she is doing a rain forest unit this year).

A slow experience around the zoo today offered up a quality experience!!

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