Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Learning

This year Hudson has become a big part of our learning environment. I can no longer do simple stations of activities, he desires to be a part of what is happening at the table in general. I am working very hard to accommodate him and still keep things on his level. He is not afraid to try things, enjoys art tremendously, is very interested in letters and numbers more than ever and pours over books all day long.

With that knowledge I have decided that even though he is only 2 1/2 we will move forward with more letters and numbers. He can identify all letters in upper and lower case but lately wants to know what 'they say', his words.This means he is ready for phonics, basic but phonics none the less. So, we are beginning some small projects to work on the order of letters, review them in different fonts and now sounds... which he LOVES!!!

Aside from this we are mastering counting to 10 and number recognition. Many little games or transfer work to master this. Beading, pattern work, memory games and one to one counting -- all through ten only. As well, he is enjoy an abundance of art and scissor work in which he is getting pretty good at. I still put out some activity stations for him each day and work with him side by side and we read many, many books a day.

There is a LOT of learning happening during our schooling hours for Hudson and I can tell he loves it!

Here he is working on sorting his lowercase letters and gluing them into a Letter Book. He then read the whole book and told you all about how his project. Hudson adored having a final product to share with Daddy and has it tucked away in his books now.

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