Friday, October 19, 2012

Fish Hatchery & Salmon Walk

We are very fortunate to live within a mile of a small fish hatchery and a stream salmon spawn in. We visit the fish hatchery several times a year to see fish for fun, but this time of year is a bit more special as we walk through the hatchery to the stream in hopes of finding salmon.

Last night we took a small walk when Dad came home and enjoyed a small adventure through the fish hatchery. They had many more holding tanks open with fish in them then previous visits, making it much more exciting. As well, we enjoyed many birds in the area including Blue Heron, Kill Deer and a Kingfisher.

We made it back to the stream and didn't find too many salmon, kind of disappointing. We did find a few that have already turned, but nothing like years past. We will visit once again in about a week to see if there are any changes. While the salmon were a bit thin, we did enjoy some gorgeous fall foliage, tossing pebbles in the stream and the simple sounds a stream offers. A wonderful evening!!

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