Friday, September 21, 2012

Northwest Trek

Monday we met some friends out at Northwest Trek for a wonderful day of exploring and learning! This park is a fantastic learning facility that has an open free roam area for northwest animals that a tram drives through and a host shares details on the animals, behaviours and area. Then you come back into the park and enjoy a zoo style interaction with animals in various habitat settings. Making for a wonderful experience!!

This day we learned a lot about the fall rut with the elk out in the free roaming area. They were in fine form and shared with us the behaviours expected. We witnessed an elk with the females, satellite elk attempting to hone in and bugling between them. It was so very cool!!! We made a point to come home and learn more on the rut, fortunately I have nature book with good information and photos.

We had a wonderful day with the kids, exploring and doing a bit of naturalist work with the kids - working on observations and transferring that to their nature journals. A great day indeed!!

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