Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Science With Dad

This year in addition to our nature studies, Nature Club, slowly working through our Basic Fundamentals of Scientific Understanding, general seasonal work and experiments we have added a science curriculum called Real Science 4 Kids in the subjects of physics, chemistry and astronomy. Holly is a science minded child, she loves to learn about it, reads up on it all the time and asks a lot of questions. So, yes -- we have a heavy focus on science with her schooling but that is the joy of homeschooling, we can embrace her interests and provide more studies to keep her moving forward with them.

Bryan picked out the program we ended up adding in this year and with that decided he would like to be the instructor for her with it. Bonus for me!! Really though, what a treat for Holly! A couple evenings a week they are working through each unit (right now they are doing physics). He ensures she does a lot of experiments, really grasps the concepts, encourages her questions and thoughts -- he does an amazing job to put it mildly. They are both enjoying working through the materials together.

Last night they were doing a review session and I have to say I was stunned at what Holly has already picked up in just the three to four weeks they have been doing this. Apparently this program is working beautifully for her, she gets it, is into it and cannot wait until it is science night. What a treat!!

Working on some lab book work and an experiment.

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