Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lemon Battery

Holly has been enjoying her science curriculum, Real Science for Kids, with Daddy this year! I love watching them spend some learning time together and she adores having this one on one time with him doing something she really enjoys!

This week they worked on a fun experiment regarding chemical energy. They have worked through all different sorts of energy with experiments, but I'd have to say this has been Holly's favorite by far, a lemon battery. And, I have to admit... it was pretty cool!

She pretty much did the entire assembly as she worked through her directions. The only two places that Bryan helped out was stripping the wires and then slicing a small slice into each lemon for the pennies to be inserted. Other than that, Holly built the whole thing working through her directions and the lab. Fortunately, the experiment worked... always a good thing!! She hooked a little LED up and it lit up -- success!!!


  1. This such a cool project! We are doing it for this years science fair. Where did you find the LED bulb?

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