Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dr. Seuss Week

This coming week we will be enjoying a lot of Dr. Seuss inspired fun to celebrate his birthday and several good, silly books! I have created a plan for the week that includes writing, reading, math, science, art, cooking, fun and more. Thought I'd share it here and then throughout the week we'll share how the day really went. This is the basic plan, but as we discover more we'll go with it - so I am leaving some room for this. As well, we will be finishing up the week with attending a local children's theater's production of Seussical the Musical... so fun!

Monday (science class day)

  • Introduce Dr. Seuss, history and bio

  • Read Cat In The Hat

  • Holly to do book review on Cat In The Hat

  • Cat In The Hat rhyming words
  • Cat In The Hat Syllable Sort

  • Create Cat In The Hat with Lego's

  • Spelling words on Cat In The Hat hat

  • Cat In The Hat hat with mosaic
  • Enjoy

  • Design a creative Cat In The Hat hat

Tuesday (play group day)

  • Read Bartholomew and the Oobleck

  • Holly to do a book review

  • Oobleck science experiment

  • King of Didd color sheet

  • Create castle of Didd with Block
  • Read One Fish, Two Fish

  • Holly to do a book review
  • Watch graphs/tally charts on Brain Pop - do activities

  • Graph/tally work with colored fish crackers

  • Fish bowl art project


  • Read Green Eggs & Ham

  • Holly to do a book review
  • Dr. Seuss on Brain Pop

  • Bake a birthday cake for Dr. Seuss' birthday

  • Dr. Suess word search

  • Green Eggs & Ham art project
  • Egg experiment

  • Watch Green Eggs & Ham movie

  • Make green eggs and ham for dinner


  • Read Wocket In My Pocket

  • Holly to do a book review

  • Create Holly's own Wocket for a pocket and write about it

  • Spelling words on a pocket
  • Enjoy

  • Read Yertle The Turtle

  • Holly to do a book review

  • Create a stained glass turtle art project

  • Yertle the Turtle worksheet

  • Create a turtle from Lego's


  • Read Horton Hears A Who

  • Holly to do a book review

  • Look at a speck of dust under the microscope, draw findings

  • Elephant art project

  • Create an elephant from Lego's

  • Cook an elephant ear, baked treat
  • Dr. Seuss on Brain Pop
  • Enjoy

  • Watch Horton Hears a Who (family movie night)


  • Attend Seussical the Musical at the Tacoma Children's Theater

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