Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About Community

This past week or so we have spent some time learning about 'community'. Reading a lot of books, talking about our community, visiting various businesses or locations within our community and even watching a couple of different videos on places in our community.
Holly has really enjoyed it, however much of this is simple review and not very challenging. Simply because she has done this before, but it was part of our curriculum so we created our own fun during this unit. Holly finished with a large map of her 'own' community. She designed it all on her own and we discussed why she chose the businesses she did in her community, how they are helpful to those who live and work in that community and what she might have missed that would also be helpful. She had a lot of fun on this project and cannot wait to share in on her wall of work... now to find a spot large enough to share it!

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