Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Art Treasury - Hendrick Avercamp

Today Holly learned about the Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp. He was known for winter scenes... perfect for a day like today (snow is blowing). We read about him in her Art Treasury book and also looked up several more of his works online. She really enjoyed his winter scenes, Holly liked they were more 'real' she said. We also learned that Hendrick Avercamp was both hearing impaired and mute. What a life!

For Holly's art project she was to use watercolors on water color paper to create a winter tree scene, similar to the winter trees Hendrick Avercamp painted. She first painted the back ground with a blue winter sky and her ground is white with patches of brown earth peaking through. After this had dried she then used brown paint and a straw to blow paint and make trees. This took a bit of practice first, but she got it down quickly. A fun project that turned out really pretty!

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