Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learning to Alphabetize

I have started a new little list of sight words for Holly to work on and review in some cases - just to really build up her reading vocabulary. In this little word list they introduce the basics on alphabetizing... and Holly loves it! I was thinking it would be a lot harder to grasp, but nope.

I went over it one time and explained a good system to get her started until she feels a lot more comfortable. For now, she writes out a line of her ABC's and then works her way down the line to organize her work then she double checks it with a singing it and if everything looks good she glues it down. So far, so good! Holly has even encountered having to sort by the second letter, twice and I think she understands you repeat the process using the second letters. We'll keep working on it with her list each week... if nothing else for fun right now as she thinks of it as a game.

These sheets can be found at:

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